• Business Development

    RZI’s engagement in day to day international trade management in both the US and China provides our team with not only perspective on industry trends and developments, but also exposes us to a wide range of businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs. Our global perspective, diverse industry experience, and customer focus can be harnessed to research, evaluate, or develop new business projects or investigate potential opportunities.

  • Procurement Agent

    Although the Internet has enabled instantaneous communications, your projects and suppliers are still on the far side of the world. In a fast moving global economy rapid responses and real time interactions with local operations and logistics staff are still best handled locally. RZI provides supply chain management services to overseas importers and distributors with the need for a presence in the US through an agent model. These services include sourcing, procurement, and logistics management.

  • Audits & Valuations

    RZI provides audit, assessment, and valuation services for companies who need mission critical information on their projects in China and other parts of Asia.

  • Custom Supply Chain Development

    RZI’s team has expertise in managing overseas manufacturers in industries demanding a combination high-precision, high-quality, and highly-responsive customer service.

  • Sourcing

    Sourcing, Supply Chain Development, Supply Chain Research & Assessments, Supply Chain Management and Consulting.

  • Translation Services

    Translation Chinese / English - Contracts, Specifications, Management Processes, Marketing Materials.