Case Studies

Custom Supply Chain Development

RZI’s team has expertise in managing overseas manufacturers in industries demanding a combination high-precision, high-quality, and highly-responsive customer service.

Case Study:  Supply Chain Development for Precision Manufactured Components

A medium sized American manufacturer experienced a break down in its China based supply chain and needed to rapidly develop new suppliers capable of meeting its high quality standards.   RZI surveyed the industry and assessed leading candidates based on current production, production equipment, available capacity, total price competitiveness, management quality, as well as their interest and readiness to develop production and make ongoing investments in additional equipment and technology to our customer’s future requirements.  Through a combination of multiple site visits, competitive quotations, sampling, test production runs, quality audits, and continuous improvement initiatives, RZI and its client developed a new, dedicated supply chain that positioned it for continued growth.   This client retained RZI to not only seek out new suppliers, but to manage the suppliers on an ongoing basis, and develop their production and quality management capabilities and systems.

RZI has experience working with overseas manufacturers, producers, and suppliers in the fields of precision machining of high-pressure gas, pneumatic, hydraulic, and tool & mold parts and components in the automotive, naval, construction, connector, as well as branded and unbranded consumer products, including F&B.