Case Studies

Procurement Agent

Although the Internet has enabled instantaneous communications, your projects and suppliers are still on the far side of the world.  In a fast moving global economy rapid responses and real time interactions with local operations and logistics staff are still best handled locally.  RZI provides supply chain management services to overseas importers and distributors with the need for a presence in the US through an agent model.  These services include sourcing, procurement, and logistics management.

Case Study:  Appointed Agent for Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

RZI is an appointed agent for a China importer and distributor of premium, branded consumer products.  For this client, RZI has established a dedicated team to manage orders, logistics, and supplier relationships, as well as to identify new brands and products in N. America and Europe. RZI’s focus on sourcing, logistics, and the optimization of the supply chain enables our client to focus on in-country sales and marketing without being distracted by the day to day challenges posed by managing the on-the-ground details associated with a fast moving, rapidly growing international logistics program.