Case Studies

Business Development

RZI’s engagement in day to day international trade management in both the US and China provides our team with not only perspective on industry trends and developments, but also exposes us to a wide range of businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs.  Our global perspective, diverse industry experience, and customer focus can be harnessed to research, evaluate, or develop new business projects or investigate potential opportunities.

Case Study:  Identifying Opportunities in a Turbulent Global Economy

Following the 2008 financial crisis, a US-based hedge fund sought to explore investment opportunities generated by disruptions in the international marketplace and its global supply chains.  RZI was retained to source and analyze new business opportunities in China, especially in US-China import and export trade.  Over the course of a six month period, RZI identified multiple opportunities in the fields of real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, and export/import & distribution.  At the conclusion of this period, RZI and its client selected one project and RZI provided on-going project management and business development services to implement an initial 24 month business plan, until which time the client’s team was prepared to take over day to day operations.