An international trade development, management, and consulting company
we provide highly customized sourcing, supply chain and project management services
  • Sourcing

    Sourcing, Supply Chain Development, Supply Chain Research & Assessments, Supply Chain Management and Consulting.
  • Audits

    Audits, Assessments and Valuations, Quality & Compliance Audits, Factory or Project Audits, Inventory / P&E Audits and Valuations.
  • Business Services

    Business Development Services, Market Research & Industry Research, Market Development, Agent Services.

  • Translation

    Translation Chinese / English
    Contracts, Specifications, Management Processes, Marketing Materials.
  • Procurement

    Management services to overseas importers and distributors with the need for a presence in the US. Services include sourcing and procurement.
  • Supply Chain

    Expertise in managing overseas manufacturers in industries demanding a combination high-precision, high-quality, and highly-responsive customer service.